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I’m a second year PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania in the department of computer and information science, advised by Steve Zdancewic, and a part of PL Club. I do research in the field of programming languages. I did my undergrad in computer science at the University of Waterloo.



I really enjoy teaching, though I wasn’t able to TA much during my undergrad. I did do some one on one tutoring for a variety of computer science and math courses during the last few years of undergrad. My favourite to tutor (and most often tutored) was Algorithms (CS 341).

C++ Programming - CIS 190 (Instructor, half-credit undergraduate class): Fall 2019, Spring 2020 Compilers - CIS 341 (TA, undergraduate class): Spring 2020

Algebra for Honours Mathematics - MATH 135 (Undergraduate Marker): Fall 2014


“with …” means the authors are ordered alphabetically.

An Equational Theory for Weak Bisimulation via Generalized Parameterized Coinduction
Yannick Zakowski, Paul He, Chung-Kil Hur, Steve Zdancewic
CPP 2020, New Orleans, USA
paper | doi | gpaco code | euttG code | talk

Interaction Trees: Representing Recursive and Impure Programs in Coq
Li-yao Xia, Yannick Zakowski, Paul He, Chung-Kil Hur, Gregory Malecha, Benjamin C. Pierce, Steve Zdancewic
POPL 2020, New Orleans, USA
:star: Distinguished Paper Award
paper | doi | code | talk

The Satisfiability of Word Equations: Decidable and Undecidable Theories
with Joel Day, Vijay Ganesh, Florin Manea, and Dirk Nowotka.
RP 2018, Marseille, France.
paper | doi

A Simple Soundness Proof for Dependent Object Types
Marianna Rapoport, Ifaz Kabir, Paul He, Ondřej Lhoták.
OOPSLA 2017, Vancouver, Canada.
:star: Distinguished Artifact Award
paper | doi | proof | talk