Weak weeks

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

In August I tried to abandon the concept of the days of the week.

I had very few scheduled responsibilities: only a single meeting scheduled for each week. The goal was to reduce mood changes due to the day of the week, like getting no work done on Fridays and disappointment on Sundays. Though studies on this 1 suggest that there is little support for some of these phenomena, I wanted to see for myself.

The first few week were fine; I’d try to go to work around five days a week, and take days off when I felt like I needed one. I especially tried to work on weekends, since I was more productive (or at least happier with music on my speakers) when the office was empty. This was a pretty good setup. I felt like I had a lot of flexibility and got a decent amount done.

But then I got a cat. I stayed home way too much to watch her, even though she was still adjusting and wasn’t especially playful. The summer ended with me doing far less than I wanted to. Nevertheless, I’d like to try this experiment again, especially since it seemed fruitful from the first few weeks.

Anyways, here’s some photos of my cat Strawberry, the real reason for the post.

Strawberry Strawberry Strawberry Strawberry Strawberry Strawberry

  1. Arthur A. Stone, Stefan Schneider & James K. Harter (2012) Day-of-week mood patterns in the United States: On the existence of ‘Blue Monday’, ‘Thank God it’s Friday’ and weekend effects, The Journal of Positive Psychology, 7:4, 306-314, DOI: 10.1080/17439760.2012.691980 


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